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Friday, December 31, 2004

Hoping for a bit of sun - naturally

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Wondering when summer was going to start? Spare a thought for nearly 200 nudists who have gathered outside Christchurch this week.

After a month of bleak southerlies, a gentle north-easterly yesterday allowed business as usual to go on at Pineglade Naturist Club in Rolleston, where nudists from as far afield as England and Australia attended the annual rally.

This soon proves to be place where preconceptions rather than clothes should be left at the gate. The New Year's Eve party tonight, for example, is a fancy dress.

Fancy dress? How do naturists do fancy dress?

"Some people will just wear body paint but most naturists love to dress up," explains one of the organisers, Noel Thomas.

"The theme is 'crusade' so we'll be wearing red and black, but we've told Wellington people they can just wear eye liner. We're not just here to take our clothes off – if it's cold, people put clothes on."

This is a place of paradoxes, from the presence of a clothes line to the absence of shower curtains. The organising committee can be recognised by their outfits – bright-red peak caps – and money, if needed, is carried in a pouch around the neck.

At the end of the rally, keen sun lovers with faith in the weather will continue south, visiting naturist clubs in Geraldine, Tekapo, and finally Middlemarch in the Maniototo.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Tropical nude paradise emerges in wintry Germany

BERLIN - A tropical island paradise, 30 miles south-east of Berlin? The idea may sound fanciful, but not for Colin Au, a dapper, 55-year-old Malaysian multi-millionaire businessman.

What Au claims is the world's largest indoor tropical island attraction, complete with a lagoon, silky stretches of beach and a rain forest, which opened this week, in a gala ceremony attended by 2,000 guests.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

For a worthy cause, men bare it for the calendar

Some of the hottest gifts this holiday season are calendars featuring nude men, but you have to know where to find them.

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And once you do, you'll see enough artfully placed skis, fishing poles, surf boards, golf clubs, aprons, poinsettias and fire hoses to keep them as G-rated as a trip to Disneyland.

The dash to doff began with the success of an British women's group that posed nude for a fundraising calendar in 1999. The story became the popular movie Calendar Girls starring Helen Mirren.

Buff (and not so buff) babes then began beguiling in calendars around the world, cashing in on clothelessness for charity groups from Granby, Colo., to Cape May, N.J., and as far a field as Ireland and Poland.

Now the boys are baring for bounty, and sales are startling.

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Nude runner arrives at festival

Caption: BORED with Langwarrin, a leg weary JK arrived at the Meredith Music Festival yesterday claiming a world record after covering the 210km journey in the nude.

A clotheless JK rocked into the festival at 3pm yesterday after an epic journey from Victoria's south-east.

He was cheered onto the stage by festival-goers yesterday, after one of the crowd passed him a "sip of beer".
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"It's pretty bloody boring in Langwarrin," he said when asked why he undertook the world record attempt.

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