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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Prague's riverside resort opens nudist beach

Reopening of Prague's popular recreation spot Zlute lazne or the Yellow Spa on the Vltava River. Although the last few days have not been ideal for swimming and sunbathing, the good weather forecast for the weekend is sure to draw many people to the Yellow Spa and its new attractions - among them a brand new nudist beach.

It was opened there specifically at the request of the visitors, as Libor Votruba of the Yellow Spa told Radio Prague.
"We asked our visitor if they would be interested in some new things here at our resort and a nudist beach was a kind of priority for a lot of people."
How large is it and is it protected in any way?
"It is protected by a fence and it's approximately 500 square metres large."
Is it very popular with your visitors?
"Well, since we opened the nudist beach we haven't really had nice days but still there are always ten or twenty people there."
And who are they mostly?
Photo: CTK
"All kinds of people - young, older, it is mixed."
You mentioned a fence protecting the nudist beach but how about from the side of the river - can they be seen from the river?
"Well, they can be seen from the fence if you're standing right next to it because the fence is only like 1.5 metre tall. But you can see them very well from the river if you rent a boat or something like that."
Speaking of boats, visitors can rent motor boats now at the Yellow Spa...
"Yes, we have a new service for our clients. We rent motor boats, slow motor boats which anyone over 18 years can use and drive. They can rent it and they can see Prague from the river which is very interesting for many people. Also not many people had the chance to drive motor boats in the past."
As of August, you'll be offering other activities at your resort, like language courses, it that right?
"Exactly. Since the 1st of August we are opening language courses for English, Spanish and German."
And will they be open also to the nudists?
"No, we request the nudists to put on some clothes if they leave the nudist beach."

Friday, January 20, 2006

Naked rowers triumph in race

NAKED trans-Atlantic rowers James Cracknell and Ben Fogle have enjoyed an emotional reunion with their families after winning the trans-Atlantic rowing race.

Cracknell's wife, Prestwich-born Beverley Turner, their son Croyde, and parents were waiting to greet the rowers who reached Antigua after two months at sea.

The pair, who were raising money for Children In Need, rowed most of the way naked "to avoid chafing".

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Family fun, nude run at snow festival

Get your moon boots on! The Taebaek Snow Festival starts tomorrow, featuring ice sculpture competitions, sledding and a whole lot more (even a "birthday suit marathon").
The annual festival, hosted by the town of Taebaek, attracts numerous visitors to the mountainous region in Gangwon province. Most of the events take place at Danggol Square, which is located at the entrance of Mount Taebaek provincial park, a 10-minute drive from Taebaek train station.
The highlight of the festival is the snow sculpture exhibition at the square. This year's event features works by renowned snow sculptors including Kim Dong-ryul, the winner of the International Snow Statue Competition at the Sapporo Snow Festival, as well as four sculptors from Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and Hong Kong, respectively.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Models preview naked pics

New York artist Spencer Tunick convinced 1,700 people to bare all in Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead at dawn one chilly July Sunday.

He was commissioned to create a series of images which merged their naked forms into the now-iconic Tyneside urban landscape.
The results of the "installations" at a series of locations will go on
public show tomorrow at the Baltic contemporary art centre in Gateshead.

Today's visitors to the gallery were immediately struck by a huge mural piece depicting a sea of intertwined naked volunteers.

Mr Tunick said: "A stranger lies with their head on another stranger,s hip naked, and may never see that person again.

"But it was without sexuality - it was a sensual moment, but the sexuality was taken away by the fact it was cold and people were uncomfortable."

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Nudist resort soaks up publicity

LAND O'LAKES - With their swimming pools, nightclubs and spas tucked behind bare-bun-blocking security walls, Pasco County's nudists don't mind basking in free publicity.

This time the publicity comes from the nation's highest circulating magazine featuring nude men.

Playgirl, with circulation of about 500,000, plans to mention Caliente Resort in its March issue. It will list the hedonistic, 100-acre enclave on U.S. 41 as one of the best places to frolic in the nude.

The magazine plucked the idea from a Web site called DailyCandy publicized Caliente in October in an article titled "Travel: Never Say Never" about daring vacation spots.

Marketing clothing optional resorts usually means walking a minefield between seriousness and salaciousness.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Unveiling the naked truth about Australia

What's it like to live in a far-off place most of us see only on a vacation? Foreign Correspondence is an interview with someone who lives in a spot you may want to visit.

Les Rootsey, is publisher of Australian Naturist, a magazine about nudist camps and resorts in Australia. He is based in Runaway Bay, Queensland, on that country's Gold Coast.

Q. Queensland is closer to the equator than most of Australia. Does the warmer climate make nudism more popular?

A. We're midway up Australia's east coast, where Queensland is the northernmost state. Yes, it is warmer -- subtropical is the best way to describe it.

And that makes naturism more attractive year-round. You can enjoy this lifestyle throughout the year.

Q. What's the Gold Coast like?

A. Similar to Miami but smaller. High-rise buildings and lots of tourism. Long stretches of white, sandy beaches. It goes for about 50 km. Brisbane is on the northern end of this.

Q. Who goes to your nudist resorts?

A. Mainly Europeans. Asians aren't into it. Naturism started in Germany.

Naturists tend to be similar types of people worldwide. There's little different among them.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Atlantic Rowing Race: Are you still naked?

Thursday, 05 January 2006
Charles and Tom:

It's been busy work out here of late, on Atlantic Warrior. Since coming south we have picked up good waves and wind that are finally going in the right direction! This has resulted in a concerted effort to go full steam ahead.

Last night we had our first 'big' wave resulting in a bit of roll scare! Essentially we came careering down a wave sideways, which then broke on us, with the boat on its side and the rower thrown clear out of his seat and nearly out of the boat; we were lucky to get away with it. Its fine in the day, when you can line up the boat to the waves, but at night its a bit of pot luck!

Our 2 on 2 off routine is working well, with much less 'noddy dog' at night!

Had a few more press interviews, but due to battery nightmares yesterday we had no contact. Most frequently asked question is are you still naked? Bit dull by now, but inevitable I suppose. Yes is the answer and Tom is available for modelling and calendar work! Spirits are good, as every afternoon we continue to put the world to rights! With discussions often prompted by the world service.

Atlantic Warrior is crewed by Charles Bairsto and Tom Bright from Bristol UK

Monday, January 02, 2006

Guards patrol beach in the buff

keeping the peace and enforcing the rules of civilized be-havior, the newspaper O Dia reported Tuesday.
Carrying no weapons and attired only in dark glasses and sunhats, on sunny days the burly guards patrol Abrico beach, a nudists-only area surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation in Grumari Park, just outside this state capital.
In addition to barring entry to clothed individuals and flushing out the curious who prowl about the bushes trying to get a glimpse of the nature lovers, the guards counsel beachgoers on proper nudist etiquette, the story noted.
Doffing your clothes doesn't mean ditching the rules, said one of the guards, who goes by the fictitious name of Alexandre to prevent, he says, friends from kidding him about his job.
The guards most common "interventions" are asking men to avoid glaring at women and to get into the water immediately if their admiration becomes visible.
If counseling doesn't work, the next step is to order the offender off the beach.
Police and fishermen are the only ones who can walk through Abrico fully dressed, but they, also, must adhere to the rules enforced by the beach guards.

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