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Skin is in!  It's cool to go nude...

Hello, My name is Candy Mejia. I am the manager of the most popular clothing optional resort in the U.S. called The Terra Cotta Inn, in Palm Springs, CA. Our site is We pamper guests from around the world and have one of the highest repeat guest rates in the travel industry at just over 75%. We just had Newsweek Magazine select us as one of the BEST small businesses in the US, and the Vancouver Sun Newspaper in Canada recently reported that we are the BEST clothing optional resort in the states. Only in America, do naturists get to stay at one of the best small resorts in the whole country. 

I love being nude. I no longer have to dress for work as you can see by my photos. Everyone is so jealous of my job, because it is not everyday you get to be manager of the coolest resort in the country. 

I want to encourage other women and their spouses/boyfriends to enjoy the freedom of being nude. For when you are no longer afraid to bare your body in front of other people, you have truly liberated your mind and soul. Plus, it is just plain fun to run around naked in the fresh air with friends, and not have to worry about how some dumb bathing suit looks on you. 

Wearing clothes is one of the biggest reasons that women do not have more self esteem. Your beauty is not determined by your outer looks, but by your inner soul. A truly beautiful woman should not worry about how her skin looks and neglect her heart and soul. Naturism makes you feel comfortable with your whole body. 

The major reason more women are not comfortable with sharing their nudity with others, is they are rarely exposed to the concept that it is OK to be nude at a nudist resort or nude beach in a nonsexual way. 

I am proud to be a naturist. I am happy to have people see my photos and say "that is one brave young woman for promoting nude recreation." Nudism is normal and natural. I encourage everyone to try it. I want you to say, "if Candy Mejia can go can I." 

See you in Palm Springs. 

Candy :-)

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