Nudist travel spots


Nude beaches aren't just a European oddity anymore.

Lee Baxendall, a guru of nude resorts, says local authorities are starting to recognize the benefits of opening beaches to nudists. More nude resorts are opening, and an organization of nude travelers is growing steadily.

Is acceptance of nude resorts growing in the United States? Should U.S. resorts follow Europe's lead and take a more relaxed approach to beachwear?

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 New Message    lucacek2000 - 01:15am Mar 11, 2000 ET ( 18.)



n   johndale - 08:26pm Mar 12, 2000 ET ( 18.1)

Quit shouting

When you use all upper case letters in response it is like yelling. The only time people accept that is if you are from NY. or NJ.

 New Message    sailfree - 12:44pm Mar 11, 2000 ET ( 19.)

The Constitution

It seems to me that, if the Constitution were actually accepted by everyone, including our delinquent lawmakers, our criminal President, our inadequately educated judges, et al, we wouldn't have to be having this discussion. Libertarians of the world, unite! Though, by the way, I would prefer the ideas of Harry Browne, I think George W. Bush is the closest thing to a libertarian who is electable. This may surprise some, but compare the issues carefully and logically.

 New Message    bernie__lewis - 12:48am Mar 12, 2000 ET ( 20.)

It's Only Natural

The laws of this country come down far too hard on nudity. I have been a nudist for over 40 years. It is the most relaxful, stress releiving recreation imaginable. It is not a bunch of swingers or sex perverts. My wife and I have lived in Nudist parks every winter since retiring and have made many Nudist friends. I hope someday we will have nude beaches and parks near every large city. It is a great way of life.

 New Message    tjky - 07:18am Mar 12, 2000 ET ( 21.)

Family Naturism

Most people I know in the prude world see nudism as a sexual thing. The reality is nudists are no more interested in sex than anyone else. A nudist is a person who can relax in the way we entered this world, without anyone knowing or caring who we are in life. When I visit a nudist club, I don't know if the person next to me is the president of a company or a janitor and it just doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you shop at Wal-Mart or Brooks Brothers - we're all the same. With our society so image oriented, it's a wonderful way to relax and escape the falseness that is so much apart of American life anymore.

One of the many benefits of being a nudist or naturist, is the positive self image it tends to build in young people. Children raised as nudists understand everyone is different and don't feel so insecure with their own bodies.

Nudist clubs are the only place where my children are allowed to roam free mostly unsupervised. Clubs screen people coming in and people tend to be very aware of what is going on around them in case some one does act inappropriately, they are quickly dealt with. They are totally safe, and really enjoy visiting their friends in healthly environment.

One of the great problems in society is teenage pregnancy; teenage pregnancy in nudist families is virtually unheard of. There is no great mystery to explore and nudist families tend to be closer and more open to discussion about topics like sex.

I have only been involved in organized nudist clubs for about six years, but almost everyone I count as friends are a part of this movement. Why? Simple, when I am with my nudist friends, they don't care who I am in society, but who I am as a person. There are no images to keep up and I can just be me. There is no better relaxation.

If you are looking for good friends and a healthy lifestyle, visit or to locate a club in your area. Or visit for links to organizations and people in the nudist community.

 New Message    bob7 - 03:09pm Mar 12, 2000 ET ( 22.)

Religious Quotes

St. Thomas Aquinus defined an "immodest act as one done with lustful intention". Therefore, someone who is nude for the sole purpose of bathing or recreating cannot be accused of immodesty. *

Pope John Paul II writes: "Sexual modesty cannot then in any simple way be identified with the use of clothing, nor shamelessness with the absence of clothing and total or partial nakedness.... Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person, when its aim is to arouse concupiscence, as a result of which the person is put in the position of an object for enjoyment.... There are certain objective situations in which even total nudity of the body is not immodest" *

205 Arguments and Observations in Support of Naturism Compiled by K. Bacher

It's only skin folks... get over it!

 New Message    yankee1 - 05:27pm Mar 12, 2000 ET ( 23.)

Go for it

Hey, if you think that is the way to go, go for it,,,I think the rest of us should put up with you bare butts,,I do think though, it might not be for everyone,,know what I mean?,,,,,,however I say, entertain us if you can,,,,,

n   johndale - 08:31pm Mar 12, 2000 ET ( 23.1)

Hey Yankee

Your on the money, It is funny life would be boring without people making an issue out of such.

 New Message    billybarebutt - 11:00am Mar 13, 2000 ET ( 24.)

Show and Tell

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate to an outsider what a clothing optional beach is really like is with show and tell. Unfortunately, I know of no cams of beaches that are completely clothing optional, but I can provide one that is 1/3 of the way there. Take a look at some of the hourly pictures at this site to see that being topless at the beach is no big deal, and not about the evils that some would believe. Miami Beach Cam: cape/mbdoc.htm

n   billybarebutt - 11:02am Mar 13, 2000 ET ( 24.1)

Corrected link

Sorry, auto spell checker messed up the last link. Miami Beach Cam

 New Message    xhosa - 04:20pm Mar 14, 2000 ET ( 25.)

That Natural and Free feeling!

All I can say that my only regret is that because of a religious up bringing I did not expierence this natural and free feeling until my forties! We as Americans have to get over the hypocracies we have a tendency to suffer from. Europeans view nudism as perfectly acceptable. Anything can be sexual if we allow it to be. In all my times going to nude beaches and clubs I have never encountered rude crass or sexual behaviors. It's about doing what feels comfortable. If it doesn't feel right... put your suit back on... plain and simple! But let's not knock it until you try it!

 New Message    bryan562 - 05:49pm Mar 20, 2000 ET ( 26.)

Nudism needs room to grow..

I believe that with all the thousands of miles of shore line and millions of acres of federal lands, that nudists should be allowed more areas in which they can practice their nudity without the threat of arrest or harassment from law enforcement or the religious groups which would force their beliefs upon others. I believe that patrolled, well marked areas could have a great impact on local economies. As an example I give you Haulover Beach in Miami. As a practicing nudist, I don't want to take over all the beaches but want just some small designated sections that I can practice what I believe to be a absolutely normal and healthy life style.

 New Message    aircapnat - 09:19am Mar 31, 2000 ET ( 27.)

Tell me what's wrong with mere nudity!

Having been in this lifestyle for a while now, my wife & I have discovered that other naturists we might almost become automatically friends for life. We have yet to meet any naturist we didn't like.

People who turn their nose up at just the mere thought of social nudity are the ones with something to hide or need their clothing to pretend to be someone they aren't.

Shed the duds and live life naturally!

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